The very purpose of marketing is to influence and impress customers, so as to trigger a sale. There are various means of achieving the same, and one of these is influencers marketing. The core concept is to use people, including celebs, who have considerable online presence and can influence opinions, purchase decisions, trends and thoughts of the end consumers. The popularity of influencers marketing in Singapore has increased considerably in recent years, given that social media has created a pool of celebs who enjoy significant following online.

Influencers, as these people are called, can partner with brands and develop marketing strategies to enhance, magnify and solidify the presence of a product or company. Of course, influencers have complete control and choice as how they intend to actually use their social media and online presence to create an influence, but for both sides – influencers and brands – this is a win-win setup. Some of the popular influencers in Singapore today include Yoyo Cao, Xia Xue, Christabel Chua, and Benjamin Kheng. Most of these people either have Instagram fame or have channels on YouTube, where they share content that audiences want to see. Check online for agencies that can help your brand in using influencers marketing.